I spent the last few days fighting with duplicate object errors for an Off365 Dirsync project. The project was to setup dirsync, and single sign-on with ADFS / STS for a customer. The trouble shooting documentation from Microsoft, while informative, did not seem to jive and make sense enough to help […]

Duplicate UserPrincipalName conflict

Two of my four kids are old enough to have to pay for the LUAS tram system in Dublin which uses LEAP cards for payment. When we arrived in Dublin we purchased a LEAP card for everyone who needed one. In an attempt to avoid misplacing the kids cards I […]

Holes in your LEAP card

Michele, My wife, I call her baby, said some heart punching words to me this morning. I’m still taking them in working out how meaningful they are.  Michelle randomly says to me — I realized something last weekend. When you’re young you deeply crave praise and acceptance from your parents; […]

Heart Punch

To Copy the wise Knight of sufferlandria Paul, I’m going to keep a running list of the books I read for the year. Mostly to remind myself what I’ve read, but also to be able to look up what I read to share with others when they ask me about something I […]

Book Diary – 2016

It’s about 0340 on a Friday morning and I’m sitting on a hard plastic chair In the ER watching my father drift in and out sleep listening to him having a difficult time breathing. He’s much better then when he arrived, but it’s still a massive slap on the face […]

Listening to Dad Breathe

Numbers make Kev happy and help motivate him, so does feeling like a bit of cyborg from the future. Along those lines I have a number of wireless things on me while running to track, and entertain me, plus a few other bits of kit I’m in love with lacking […]

Kev Running Network

Kev is now 39 years old. The last hand full of years with Michelle have officially been the best years in life for me, and the last year tops that handful. . I can honestly say, in the last year, every day is better than the last and the future […]

38 – Looking back