Heart Punch

First picture I took of Michelle

Michele, My wife, I call her baby, said some heart punching words to me this morning. I’m still taking them in working out how meaningful they are.  Michelle randomly says to me —

I realized something last weekend. When you’re young you deeply crave praise and acceptance from your parents; you want your parents to be proud of you. My parents were out this weekend and I showed my dad the patio and he told me good job. It’s no longer his praise I want and crave. It’s your praise I crave.

Wow – I know how to say wow to that, but not much else.

After the wow words we said some more words, did some work, then I took off to work. On the drive Michelle’s words started to sink in even more. Might have bragged about them to Jer Jer a bit on the drive to work. Before work I cranked out four miles in about 44 minutes, which is fast for me; grerat run. Most of the run was spent in my head thinking about Michelle, and our relationship, and her words.  –

My conclusion after running on it I agree, I’d rather hear Michelle tell me good job, I’m proud of you then my parents. Her praise and affection means more to me then anyone elses.

Few more words and pictures

Next summer we’re going to hit a decade of dating / being partners / being together.  My thoughts are, it should be simple to make that milestone, and to keep on keeping on to many more milestones. Next month I guess we headed to Vegas without kids for a few nights. Should be fun.

Most recent Picture of Michelle I have with me – Wow am I proud of this one. She made this entire walkway all by herself; came up with the vision then made it reality.

One more picture

Two of us from somewhere this month. Maybe a hotel ?

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