Daddy Mila Work Day

End of Last year, when work was dead, I took Maddex to work with me for a day. Mila’s been randomly asking to come to work with me since. Saturday, Trenton was headed north to Monroe (pronounced Mon-Row in my head) to obtain a MIG welder. His route home took him next to my work at a perfect time to bring Mila home  if she were to come to work with me – Enter Daddy Mila work day extravaganza adventure time

Video of the adventure

Off to Work

Mila dressed herself in a warm running outfit, packed two bags with toys, outfits, blanket, monkey, pillow, puzzles and snacks. Then we loaded into the car and took off to work. On the way we listened to some Fancy Nancy, and chatted. Mila was presented with two runing locatoins as options. She chose the run Maddex went on when he came to work with me. Specifically because it was one Maddex had gone one.

Loaded up ready to head off to work

Mila’s legs are a bit smaller, she is younger than, and she is not as strong of a runner as Maddex. Girl power; she still made it three miles. We ran the Mercer Slough around the blue berry farm and back. Mila claims to have had a great time. At the start of the run there is a community center thing I stop at to use the washroom. They have an observation tower / tree house thing, and today it was open!

Top of the look out tower ready to start our run

Made it to Work

After an hour of running we made it work and Mila was starving. First we had to shower and changed into work clothing. After dressing we figured we’d walk across the freeway to Chick Fil A and have some nuggets and fires. Looking around my desk it turns out I forgot my wallet in the car. Off to the car we went to pickup my Wallet – Sigh. Left the keys to the car back up on my desk. Back to the desk, back to the car, finally we are off for our chicken.

Chick fil a is normally crazy crowded; today did not disappoint. The line was out the door around the corner. We live in the future, and so does Chick Fil a. On the walk over I opened up their phone ap, ordered and paid for our food. We walked right past the line and had our food before 6 of the 80 people in line had been processed. Winning! Mila loved the chicken.

Mila setup at Wes’s desk having some food.

After eating Mila worked on some colouring, played quietly with toys, then asked to take in a movie snuggled up on my couch. I told Mila if she was quite and good we’d get some ice creme, and gosh darn it if she did not deliver and remind me of my promise afterwards.

snuggled up watching a Barbie movie

After the movie Mila and I walked next door to Braven-2, rode the elevator to the top floor and had some ice creme sitting by the window. What a view. She kept asking to go out on the roof, again because Maddex had.  We found an open door, and onto the roof to full fill a princess wish we went.After the ice creme and roof adventure Mila worked on a puzzle had some snacks, and ran about a bit. Around  7 we hauled off to a conference room to call the other kids on Skype. Mila was a riot on the call!

Heading home

By now it’s getting late and Trenton is reporting a delay picking Mila up due to his welder taking a bit to pickup and test.. I’m having a bit of an allergy attack, and it’s super slow at work, so we made the call; day over. We satarting packing up to head home. Before leaving Mila changed into her jammies, and brushed her teeth. Took maybe five minutes in the car before she passed out. Amazing day with my princess.

Recoding the final video of the day.

Some More Pictures

Dad, do I look good in your glasses?
Running over a bridge
Mila, Look cute by the river. Ok Father
Dad let’s go on that dock and look at the water
Blue berry farm action
Mila noming on her chicken and fries
All cute and comfy on the couch with monkey and her blanket
Ice Creme on the 23rd floor
Puzzle time! 150 piece hello kitty with no box.




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