Maddex to Work Xmass 2016

Work is annually as dead and as slow as can be the last few weeks of the year. Most of the tickets my team works are opened by end users when they break something or notice something we broke. Most customers and Microsoft employees take this time of the year off, so no is out there to report problems, and no one is here working to create problems. – Hence work is dead right now.

20161224_182110365_iOS (2) (Medium).jpg
Dad and Maddex loaded in the car ready for our adventure

Generally a Lego set and some snacks are all it takes to entertain my Little Maddex making low impact at work. He’s a full-blown 6-year-old now and I figured it’d be entertaining for him to come in and work with me today. Plus one less child at home makes things simpler for Wifey, and I sure do enjoy making wifey happy.

Running – Impressed

On my way to work I run. Part of Maddex coming to work with me is him experiencing what a work day is like for me, thusly he come on a run. He was presented with a number of trail options. Run around the Blue Berry fields in the Bellevue Slough, or run on coal creek trails with hills and water falls. He chose the Blue berry fields. Then his option was a shorter run around the blue berries or a run under I90 to the lake – Maddex chose both and said he had the energon for a long run and wanted some adventure..

20161224_200043689_iOS (2) (Medium).jpg
Maddex did not want me to take any pictures of him on the run – I forced them

Maddex was not kidding; all in, we ran / walked 3.8 miles at a bit less than a 16 minute mile pace. Maddex did not complain, he didn’t slow down, he didn’t lag behind, he took it all in as an adventure and loved it. I’m still beaming with pride and impressed because of how well he did on our run. I was not sure what to expect. We go on hikes and he enjoys them but running in 35 degree weather is another thing. He did better then my best case dreams for our run.

20161224_201127836_iOS (2) (Medium).jpg
Running on the elevated board walk in the slough

Maddex is growing shockingly perceptive of the world around him. On our run he asked me why I ran – which I answered telling him I value my health and feel an obligation to him and the rest of the millfam to be around as long as possible. 30 minutes later he asked me why the rest of my work does not run? – which I answered telling him maybe their values don’t match mine, running is hard, and I feel the hard is work is worth the health benefits – Maddex rebutted with “Dad i know you already told me you want to be healthy for the family

For reals kid you’re paying way to much attention to what I am saying with way too much understanding for your young age. It’s impressive and shocking, and a bit scary.

Working in the Coal mines

After our run we drove into work and dropped off the taco fixings in the office then we went back down stairs to the locker room and had a shower. Maddex had inspect all six of the showers a number of times before he finally settled on the first shower I offered him. After the shower it was up the elevator back to the office where I setup to find some work to do and Maddex setup to build some Legos.

On the drive to our run Maddex was falling sleep, then we went on the long run. After a bit of Lego it was obvious he’s tired and needs a nap. I drug the TV over near the couch and we put on Harry Potter. We might have waited too long to start the movie because Maddex is not able to remain still enough to relax. He’s jumping all over the land doing everything he can to stay awake and resist the sleeps.

20161224_223642787_iOS (Medium).jpg
Maddex attempting to relax and stay still

Distraction – Dad feed me ! – we had an apple and some tacos, following by watching some more movie before heading over to taller building to have a walk-a-bout on the 23rd floor. There’s a small snack shop on the 23rd floor where Maddex smashed face first into a table next to a window. While crying he grew a huge lump on his head from the impact; Ouch. Bonus points for living without rules we found a window open to the roof of the building. Maddex and I stepped out for a minute on the roof and looked down on the little people

After our adventures on the roof we walked back to the office to finish up the movie and snuggle on the couch. I went through all of the tickets again looking for anything to solve and Maddex finally relaxed a bit. Following the movie we took in a few games of pool with Mr. Helm before we called the girls and mom on Skype. Mom kept yelling at Maddex about being on the wrong side of the call.

The conclusion of night was finishing off the Lego project. Packing up the foods and kit and changing Maddex into pajamas and driving home – I’m thinking he might make it to the freeway before falling sleep but I’m not giving him much longer then that. .

20161225_031016254_iOS (Medium).jpg
Wes found a lamp we diffused to provide light for Lego work

The rest of the Pictures

20161224_200711811_iOS (2) (Medium).jpg
Theres a creek behind Maddex here, he kept turning his head when I went to get a picture
20161224_201703079_iOS (2) (Medium).jpg
River behind Maddex – Maddex trying to hide his face from the camera
20161224_202122609_iOS (2) (Medium).jpg
He actually allowed a picture in front of the sunken house
20161224_203843853_iOS (2) (Medium).jpg
Running over the river, pictured above, as it merges with Lake Washington below I90
20161224_204055526_iOS (2) (Medium).jpg
Below I90 trying to take a picture of a squirming Maddex
20161224_223634004_iOS (Medium).jpg
I wish he would take a nap already
20161225_001535684_iOS (Medium).jpg
Looking out the Window on the 23rd floor
20161225_001909774_iOS (Medium).jpg
Out on the roof of the 22end floor
Poor kid look at that head injury
20161225_015806696_iOS (Medium).jpg
Yeah – Made the shot
20161225_031012886_iOS (Medium).jpg
Working on Legos with back light


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