Maddex Date Night One

Maddex started full day Kindergarten this month limited our time together every week. I’ve always had it in the back of my head at some point I was going to dedicated one night a week to taking my kids out on a date guaranteeing one on one time between me and the kiddo. Issue for me has always been working out when to start those dates. The first week of him being in school was a big eye opener to me how little time I’ll have with the kids when they are in school.

Maddex and I went from minimum 2-4 hours a day  in the morning before I eave for work and all day sunday through Tuesday to an hour in the mornings on my work days, 2-4 hours saturday, sunday all day, and 2-4 hours at night monday and Tuesday. Being a good example, making the kids feel safe and loved, and spending as much time with my kids as possible are the pillars of the Kev be good parent plan.

Date night Dinner

For our first date we went with something simple; Dinner and drone flying in an open field. Maddex chose dinner at Costco and I picked the construction site behind there for our open space. I went to Costco earlier in the day with the girls and picked up a 26$ drone to be ready to make the drone flying to Maddex for our date. Knowing my kid well I made a good choice because he sure was excited. We charged his drone and my Phantom and loaded into the car.


On the way to Costco I talked Maddex into all you can ice cream at Dickies in the same parking lot as Costco. We had spicy sausage, polish sausage, mac and cheese, bread, fries, and a big yellow cup for some peach grape flavoured drink we worked out of the Coke FreeStyle machine. While we were waiting for our dinner to be prepared we had ice cream cones and chatted about school. Pretty amazing to hear my little man talking and rationalizing.


We had some great dinner conversation. Maddex told me everything he ate was the best he ever had. The bread was better the moms corn bread, the mac and cheese was better than my mac and cheese, ice cream was better than Costco’s. Glad he approved of the food choice. We talked during dinner about date budgets and how much we could allocate to each date. Which Maddex seemed to understand well enough to explain to Mila later when she was asking about possible date options.

Date Night Drone flying

After dinner we drove around trying to work out how to drive into the housing development with little success. In the end Maddex remembered we jumped a fence behind Costco once. We jumped the fence again.

20160927_012218791_iOS (3).jpg

We setup on a curb and fly out drones untill the ran out of battery power. Maddex used a honey bucket at the work site while I hovered outside of the bucket to attack him when he exited. He did not like that very much. He also did not like the smell in the honey bucket said he would have rather peed outside; that’s my boy. We were home around 7:30 in time for bed. Maddex is already planning out our next date. I call that a success.

Bonus Pictures

A few bonus pictures from my drone and from the next day.

Costco is the Big white thing
Maddex and I sitting on a street corner flying




As bonus the Drone is still working a few days later. We retrieved it from a tree this morning using the excavator




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