Drino’s New Bike

Last week, Thursday evening Marty sent me an email asking my thoughts on a KLR 650 in Eastern WA. I told him you can never have too many bikes than sent him and Michelle asking momma if she wanted a road trip sunday. Momma responded with “sure” and Marty picked on her saying “ why are you being so difficult again, Michelle?!! ” – From there we chatted a bit, and did next to no planning other than we figured we’d drive to some where in eastern WA sunday.

Saturday Marty and i were texting to plan a bit. Was hoping he would manage a ride into my work some time before 11pm and ride home with me. Sleep over did not happen, so we agreed to meet some where on I90 sunday morning around 9am or there abouts. I shot momma an email around or after she was in bed telling her we should try to be wheels up out the door in the morning before 8am.

Sunday Morning – Out the door

I started hearing sounds in the house while waking up a bit before 6am. It sounded like momma and the kids were actually starting to pack up and ready them selves for our Sunday adventure. I’m mostly thinking, Neat awesome start to the day, Mostly because I am also thinking “sad face for momma the kids woke her up way to early” – mutter grumble kids hate sleeping in and stuff. We full on slacked planing for this trip and packed only the basics – hiking kit with water bladders, some apples and a few snacks; plus toys and blankets for the kids in the Van


I cooked up some breakfast for momma, then we loaded up and took off for adventures. We purchased the kiddos some McDonald’s for breakfast next to our stop at Costco for Fuel. Traffic was crazy light on the drive  between us and Factoria where we met Marty in front of what I told him was a Safeway that turned out to be an Albertson. We stopped in at the store for donuts, washroom, and drinks then carried on over the I90 pass to the other side the state. Most everyone passed out along the route and I finished off listening to One year after at triple speed.

Most everyone passed out. Maddex Stayed up the whole time playing

Cle Elum – Coal Miners Trail


Shortly before reaching Cle Elum Michelle woke up for a bit and found us a walk to do before lunch; thanks interent and living it the future.. She picked the Coal Miners Trail for us to walk. She made her pick because it was close into the town of Cle Elum where we’d have lunch, and it did not sound like it was mountain climbing elevation, but was more of a lazy walk. Coal Miners trail was a great mellow flat gravel trail with some amazing fall colours – the kids were not 100% into it and the mellow hike proved to be the perfect speed for the day.

Drino carrying princess Mila on his shoulders

The walk was about an hour and some change adding up to 4 miles of slow distractions. We found a number of large metal pipes under the walk and under a road. The kids and or I walked through all the pipes we found. After the first pipe we found a Horse tie we used as a balance beam for a good fifteen minutes. Everyone but momma walked across the beam. After the Balance beam we found a busted up large concrete mine wash thing from the coal mine of many days in the past. We explored as much as there was there to explore then carried on untill the first road crossing.

TAt the turn around point of our walk the kids and I crossed under the road in a 10′ metal pipe, because why not; Adventure! On the way back Maddex and Mila ran off of the side of the trail up a few hills to further explore while we meager adults stayed on the trail to watch. From the trail we drove to a mexican restaurant for lunch. Taco salads,, stuff for the kids, and a massive burrito for Marty. He somehow ate the entire burrito sized larger then his head.


Picking up the Bike – Entiat Lake

GPS guided us directly to John’s house on the Entiat river where the bike was sitting out in front of the garage for Marty to pick up. John was kind enough to let the kids and I wonder around his gorgeous yard and check out his little beach on the river. The kids and I watched a few massive salmon swim up river somewhere to span. One of them had a difficult time making it past a rapid – which was fun to watch.


The bike was clean, in great shape, and loaded down great options. John had an emaculate yard and house, and an overly organized garage with three other bikes in it resting not ont the concrete but on lifts and carpet. The type of guy you want to buy a motorcycle from because you know he spends the time and effort to take great care of them. Marty took the bike for a spin, he and John talked a bit, momma changed a Roxi Class 2 blowout, then some money changed hands and off we went for more adventure.

Proud owner of his second motorcycle to park in the garage – redundancy

Entiat River Walk then onward Home

Momma noticed a trail near the end of the river on the drive in, and suggested we explore. I asked John about it and he said it was a few mile walk along the water and under the road. Perfect chance to walk and extract energon from the kids before driving home. The Trail started off kind of sketchy on an old road then mostly over grown narrow trails. Eventually it opened up to a brilliant well maintained walk way under the road. Along the way the kids and I found a pile of walnuts on the ground we cracked open and ate.

We tossed rocks into the river and Mila fell on some thorny tumble weed not paying attention to where she was going. Maddex noticed a bunch of numbers on a rock face on the other side of the river from us.  Which I’m assuming is something each graduating class from where paints on the rock going back to 38 was the smallest number I found up to current year 2016. Under the bridge was a smaller version of the Fremont Troll we took pictures with


At the end of the trail was a boat launch, dock, and nice clean park we explored for a bit before heading back to the car to drive home. We stopped outside of Wenatchee at an IGA for some snacks and drinks and washroom. In the store entrance was one of those stick your head in the hole things the kids wanted to get a picture in. Maddex was tall enough, Mila had to jump a bit. We made it home around 9:30 or so – way past the kids bed time. Put them to bed then momma and I pretty much passed out on the couch .

Mila was almost tall enough

More Pictures and Stuff

Anywhere we could crawl through a pipe we did
Helping the kids out of one of the pipes they walked through
A simple horse tie became 15 plus minutes of balance beam fun


Maddex inside the wash basin


The Coal wash from the outside
Great Fall colours
The big 10′ pipe I went through with the kids


Momma and Roxi taking a selfie on the trail
Baby K looking all cute across the table from me at lunch
Roxi and I at lunch making faces at the camera

Entiat Walk – and Bike pickup

Looking east of John’s place on the river
Kids on the rocky beach
Marty found us starting our walk and said thanks again for the lift


MilaFam at the start of our walk along the river towards the lake
Maddex Walking the expensive part of the trail – lots of rock and concrete here
Khaleesi smiling in the pack after we walked under a bridge
kids found a beach on the lake – muddy and wet happened next


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