Line in the Sand

On March twenty third of 2002 I created an identity for myself by purchasing the domain (Will-ka-muss) has been my primary domain, identity, and email address ever since. Thirteen years is a long time (1/3 of my life) full of change and growth and people and jobs and moves and court and marriages and kids and haircuts and just heaps stuff. The past five years (its been longer but kids) Michelle and I have spent building a family (4 kids), a home (literally we built it from raw land up), and a relationship. A month ago Michelle and registered as a new domain to create OUR identity as a family. An identity and domain we will use and build together.

2015 has been a year of nearly unlimited personal growth, journeys, and new understandings for me. I’m working on big changes. A new site for me is a line in the sand separating the family Michelle and I are building now from the pasts and identities we’ve come through culminate in our being together. For me personally it was a step to level up my commitment to the MillFam and show my core focus truly is on our family.

On my journey I took the another big step today. Committing to now and our relationship and separating my past. Today I changed my core primary personal email address from to – I’ve severing the email address from Kevinm as an identity. To me this symbolizes me making a personal commitment to now and Michelle and our kids. Some people do rings or lockets or tattoos – for me, it’s an email address.

Not ready to share the full journey I’m on here yet, but I will. For me a new email address is a huge deal, and a giant step, maybe more of a leap, towards my end goals.

13 years of being who I was ended today. Today I am who I am now working on being who I want to be for my love, and family.


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