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Numbers make Kev happy and help motivate him, so does feeling like a bit of cyborg from the future. Along those lines I have a number of wireless things on me while running to track, and entertain me, plus a few other bits of kit I’m in love with lacking wireless. I’ve come to think of it as my personal running wireless network.

Below is list all of the things I wear that part of the network, and that I find neat:

  1. On my right wrist I wear a Microsoft Band 2. I prefer the band for after the run reporting, and split tracking while running. – Side note | replaced my band today with Band number 6. Half won’t charge ,and half the rubber split. – Microsoft is not making any money off of me.
  2. I wear Asics Gel shoes as my runners. Size 9.5-10 – 4E wide depending on shoe. I roll Asics because I have fat feet and some lady in Boston once told me to buy some shoes – more below
  3. 4 months ago I started with a starwoodsports running belt. I Replaced the belt last week with a smaller size because the large was falling off; progress!! Looking right now Amazon does not seem to carry that belt branded starwoodsports – but they do have this one which appears to be the same thing. It’s basically a stretchy tube with holes in it to stick stuff in. I carry my Badge or keys, and phone in the belt
  4. On my left write I wear a Fitbit Blaze. Yes I wear two fitness trackers. I use the fitbit to watch my 5 minute distances, give me overall time, and display current time. Plus I use fitbit as a my primary ” how many steps Kev took in the day” measuring device.
  5. My Oakley X-metal gold Juliet everyday wear sunglasses are too heavy for running. Looking for something more comfy to run it I picked up some cheap Poshei sun glasses from amazon for 18$. I was straight up shocked how great these glasses are. They come with a case, 5 different lens, a frame you can have prescription lens put in, one set of lens is polarized, and there is a cleaning cloth in the case. AMAZING
  6. While running I listen to either books for the mind, or a metronome to set running cadence. I had wired headphones when I started, but wanted to upgrade to wireless because wires tangle, and they are annoying. – The IPhone ear bud fits my ear best comfort wise, so I tried to find something similar. After about 4 try’s I settled for a cheap pair of Walker ear buds fully modeled after the Iphone buds. Which awesomely cost only 16$
  7. Attached to my shirt with magnets is the Lumo Lift posture tracker. I wear the lift to “remind” me to sit up straight. While running I set to remind to keep my torso at the right angle. Lumo has a running tracker and coaching device coming out this summer. I’m looking forward to adding it to the network as soon as it comes out – I did pre order it months ago.

    Not marked out with numbers are compression shirts for a base layer, and wicking outer later shirts, and Nike running shorts. Most of these things are different colours depending on day. Thinking about adding something to carry water while running but I’ve not worked out how to do that yet. The longer and harder I run the more I desire to drink while running. Eventually my desire will turn into a need. I better work out how to water before it turns into a need.

Running Network

All of the devices I wear connect to my phone via blue tooth for one reason or another. In my head I picture these blue tooth radio waves traveling all around me as I am running connecting my fitbit, lift, headphones, and band to my phone. Then I picture my phone connecting to LTE to share data and update things and work on location. Then I picture the GPS radios from all around the planet talking to my phone (For fitbit) and band telling them where I am at to track how far I am going.

I’d love to work out an EM camera shot of the network but I don’t have a fancy EM camera thing to capture all of the radio awesome, and I’m not much a graphics person. To illustrate the picture in my head I drew something in MSpaint. LTE in purple, GPS in Blue and Bluetooth in Pink, because I have a pink phone and I figure it would make pink blue tooth’s. You can clearing see in the drawing all of the wireless flowing around my stick body in the picture.

Why Asics shoes

Back in 2002 I tried to take up running while working for Dell stationed in Colorado Springs. Shin splints killed me making it hard to run even then. I was in Boston for week for a conference walking around the MIT campus in Cambridge and stopped by one of the Marathon sports stores asked about shoes. The gal who helped me had me take my shoes off and walk down the store and back – Then, as if she was in my mind, she intimately described every pain I experience when walking or running.

She went into the back came out with an Asics shoe, had me put it on then told me to go run a mile. ??? What ??? run in a shoe I have not bought yet? She ensured me it was ok. I ran for a mile and had no pain at all. Shocked I came back in and bought the shoes. I also asked how and why and she explained the shape of my foot, my pronation, how I walk, ETC. For the next 8 years or so, I managed to be in Boston for one reason or another and bough my shoes from that store.

It’s been a while since I made it to Boston and now my shoes come from EBay or Amazon. – Better get back to Boston here soon.


I can’t forget a progress picture. Made my new fastest split today under 11 minutes a mile, and almost trucked out 3 miles. Need to tweak the route next time to make a full three miles.


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