Maddex the Editor

TLDR –Maddex has caught the movie-making bug and we setup an editing workstation for him.

Maddex working at our editing work station

Making Movies

A few weekends ago Maddex and I went on a bike ride to Lake Blessington. He and I captured parts of the trip on video and I edited together the clips of the trip to make a video. After Maddex and I went over it and he approved we uploaded to plex and showed the family. The kids loved the video and all want to make more.

Maddex and Michelle went out on a date last Saturday to Greystones and Bray. Michelle captured video of parts of the day on her phone, and Maddex shot a few more clips on the GoPro. Saturday night and Sunday morning Maddex and I shared my desk and stitched all of the footage together to make a seven-minute video about their date. Maddex was most impressive. He learns so fast; he learned how to add voiceover, set transitions, order clips, trim clips, modify volume, and control clip speed.  Only had to show him how to do things once then he would take over.

About halfway into editing his video with me he took over, kicked me off the desk claiming he didn’t need me anymore. After editing his mostly solo first video we went out with Mila and took some more footage for his next project. He even offered to teach Mila how to edit videos. She excitedly answered that she would love to learn. Sure hope we can keep this bug going in the family. A great way for the kids to capture their lives, and a good skill to have they might be able to do something with in the future.

His hair is a bit insane.  – not sure if it’s from the work or a wild night sleeping
Another day working on a video

A few weeks later – His own workstation

It’s been a few weeks since I started writing this post and Maddex has made a few more videos. Sharing a desktop was a bit of a challenge for us so we set him up his own editing workstation in the kitchen. Right now he is setup on the girl’s vanity. Come Sunday Ikea will deliver him his own desk then he will have a proper editing setup. Yesturday, when we arrived home from Liverpool Maddex and Mila, were working together on a video. Maddex was so patient and helpful teaching Mila. I was “literally” shocked and awed at how well they were working together, and how great Maddex was a teacher.

The new Maddex editing battle station on temp desk
Maddex working at his own workstation
Maddex teaching Mila how to edit video footage

Maddex at work making videos

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