Sad Gorilla no Sleep big Vomit

Last night I was wide awake incapable of sleep far later than I should have been. Michelle went to bed and I laid on the couch watching superman cartoons into the wee hours of today. Next to the me on the couch was a sleeping princess Khaleesi who kept waking up with a sad face. I’d snuggle and comfort her rubbing her head untill she went back to sleep or get her water if she asked for it. About 0100 sleep was about to become a thing for me when Khaleesi woke up again almost crying asking for water. I grabbed her a water bottle and before I was able to hand it to her she vomited all over me and the couch.

Then she vomited all over us again. I picked her up and ran to the toilet where she vomited some more on the way, and finished up in the toilet. Poor little princess was a mess. Somewhere in the commotion Michelle woke up and came down to help. She dealt with calming Khaleesi down while I cleaned up the mess and started a load of laundry. Khaleesi went to bed with Michelle up stairs on a towel with bucket next to her and, sadly, after all of that I am fully awake again.


Sad Apple glass

Bummer I was not able to take pictures of the vomit disaster because I’m finding it difficult to accurately describe the massive volume of vomit that came out of a 15kg adorable little princess. It just kept coming out of her all over everything and wow did it smell precisely like vomit, which made me want to vomit. Oh ya, why was I not able to take pictures you’re asking to change the subject away from vomit? Because the glass on my Iphone camera has a small hole in it and the camera is having a difficult time focusing; happy for Apple Care, sad for no apple store in the country.

IMG_20180729_200720 1
Sad broken camera glass

When I told Trenton about my phone his rebuttal was picking on me about how hard I am on phones. I had to ask Michelle to confirm, but knock on Gorilla Glass, this is actually the first smart phone I’ve broken we’re able to recall. What I have broken in the last year is three Apple watches, and by last year I mean in the last 3 months. One watch I broke 2 days after replacing the screen on the watch before.

First busted apple watch from back in February, Torn off my arm wrestling with Maddex and found it under a chair shattered
Second busted watch from July. Taped a rock running home from work and hair-line crack in the screen killed the digitizer; touch was broken

Not pictured is the last Apple watch I broke 2 days after having the screen replaced on the above apple watch. It came off of my wrist somehow tapping my leap card for the LUAS and landed face down on a rock on the sidewalk and shattered. Was too annoyed to take a picture. What I did do was go out and buy a second backup apple watch before replacing the screen again. I purchased a new in the box 38mm rose gold apple for about 2/3 normal EU price from a phone shop in Dundrum.

Along with the new watch I also bought full plastic protective cases for the watches and some apple care to help next time watch impacts something and the screen is destroyed. Ok why did I feel the need to spend a few hundred euro for a backup? Because of the find my phone button. I misplace my phone laying on the couch watching a show when I have not moved and use the button to find my phone. I use that one button a good 5-10 times a day and would be ruined without it. The watch does other things I enjoy but find my phone is the killer app for me.

Backup apple watch totally encased in plastic protection // Quick is stuff in dog nails is you’re wondering about the message on the screen


Update on the Kids from Michelle

Below is an edited version of the signal conversation of Michelle filling me in on her morning. I offered to stay home and help when I heard her with Roxi, but she’s got nothing she cannot handle.

Michelle – Maddex came in bed with me about 4am and then Roxi came in about 4:30, I heard you packing up and leaving.

Me – Not much room in the bed for all of that

Michelle – Maddex went downstairs about 6, Roxi woke up and said “poopy”, so I took her into the bathroom, took off her diaper and poo just ran out all over the rug….so gross. Then she sat on the toilet for a good ten minutes pooping with the runs. Got that all cleaned up and she went down on the couch with Mila. I walked into the living room to sit down and Roxi started vomiting, so much vomit. Luckily she was laying down so it was just accumulating on her chest. Maddex had a shirt on the ground so I grabbed that I started to catch vomit in it. Mila ran out of the room to get me some towels and Maddex was gagging. Good times.

Michelle – So, yeah, got that mess all cleaned up; Roxi is now on a towel with a puke bowl next to her. I rinsed out towels and shirts and am running loads of laundry through.

Michelle – Khaleesi did okay last night, no more puking. She did get up about an hour after we went to bed to poop and had a long diarrhea; luckily it was all in the toilet no extra mess to clean up. She is still sleeping upstairs. I think I need to bleach this whole house today and definitely the bathrooms and toilets. This thing is lingering.


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