New Fav Facebook button

I’ve found a brilliant new button on Facebook that’s helped me enjoy Facebook again. I like Facebook to stalk my friends, and read about what they have going on in life. I’m not on Facebook to see reddit stuff / things people share. I’ve had as much fun in the last week hiding things as I’ve had reading real things. About 80% of the crap I don’t want to see on Facebook seems to be shared from the same places. The videos of food being made high speed, anything from buzz feed or feed burner, political things, penis fart cat photos, ETC. – that 80% is now gone for me.

I’ve now hidden all content from those big share sources and I’m working on the little ones. When I look at Facebook 95% of what I see now is real posts people wrote / pictures they took and posted. Vs. 95% shit people shared or liked that seems to show up in my feed; I consider this a win. When I want to see neat things people share I can look at reddit, when I want to stalk my friends I can Facebook – the two no longer intersect for me, and be happy.

No offence at all to Annabelle she was just the first person I saw who shared something when I needed a screen shot.

Click the sweet down button next to things people share and an amazballs menu shows up.

The menu lets you hide anything from the shared source.

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