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Mutterings about why I booked this flight

Part of the team I work with on a daily basis is in Charlotte, NC. Another part I stay late to hang out with is in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve been to Charlotte a number of times. I was robed out of a month in Dublin by Wes and Khaleesi’s birthdate and airline knocked up wife rules. I’m not allowed to Dublin without momma, rightfully so,  but I can occasionally visit Charlotte without momma because she’s been there with me before – My office wife moved to Charlotte recently to manage the whole site for us and I wanted to visit after her take over, Plus I like the peeps out there, and Brad just put in a pool I need to piss in — Back to Charlotte I go. Dublin, we’re coming for you end of the year start of next year.

Outlook Events from Email Fucking Awesome Majesty #WirelessBaller

Apparently, according to the Outlook Blog @ office.com, back in late 2015 the outlook team dropped an announcement that Outlook – via Office 365 -would start creating calendar things for you – words from link that mattered to me  —

Smarter address book and flight confirmations coming to Outlook on the web. When you receive a flight confirmation via email from a supported provider, Outlook will gather key information and automatically add it in your calendar”

June of this year the Outlook blog announced even more new features – Between the first announcement and today I know I’ve booked things and not experienced the majesty of auto calendar; Untill today! Momma booked me a flight to Charlotte and had Delta send me an itinerary. Delta must be in the supported provider list mentioned above, Because I didn’t notice the email from Delta I noticed the Automated email from Outlook telling me it had created calendar entries for me with Magic – WTF? you did what? How ? AWESOME !!! – THIS IS AMAZING – i LOVE living in the future WHERE IS MY FLYING CAR?

PII redacted email outlook sent me telling me added to my calendar

I never configured this, the magic simply started happening. Some might say WHY YOU FORCE ME – I say shut it this is awesome, and if you read the email – At the bottom of the email is a link to manage what you want the automagic things to do for you Update settings for events from email – Way to advertise a great feature team. I approve. Simply turn it on and let people notice when it makes their lives better, and have an easy to find OPT out option at the bottom.

Feature is managed in OWA / ECP (Exchange control Panel) for office 365 users

After working out what was happening, and when this magic awesome as turned out I went to source code and read it all, then emailed some of the developers checking in most of the code telling them how fantastic this feature is. While reading the source and showing the feature off to anyone around me who would listen I actually opened the calendar entry and was even more blown away with the majesty of the feature. The calendar entry is more spectacular the I could have dreamed of. It actually has a link it to check into my flight, and it an image capture of the part of the itinerary in this meeting event.

PII redacted again – Look how awesome!

Conclusion – Dev’s who wrote this you are my hero. I just checked the package delivery box for my home account; lets see how you keep up with my Amazon obsession!!


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