Ankle Pop – Kev Sad tear face

Took yesterday off from running because the new pantry calendar told me to stop eating at 3 pm the day before yesterday to prepare for a blood test yesterday. Didn’t feel it was in my best interest to run and fast on the same day. Turns out Momma and I read the invite wrong and the blood test is next week. Oh well, honest mistake; a little fasting never hurt no one.

new pantry millfam calendar – with magnetic majesty

After a work day off of running I woke up this morning actually excited to run. Yesterday I arrived at work with no run and I was missed run. Crazy how far I’ve come in the last year. Determination appears to be paying off for me.- Determination is going to be stressed a bit after what I did today

Rolling the Ankle

I rolled my ankle pretty bad today on my run. About a mile into the run I came around a corner and missed hitting the bottom of my foot on the ground. Instead the drivers side outside of my foot hit the ground causing my foot rolled inwards. I heard a loud pop/snap sound, screamed “fuck” then grunted. At this point my foot was useless supporting weight and I was moving at a good clip, all of my forward momentum kept on kepting on and I feel mostly face first on the ground.

I heard someone I could not see yell out and ask if I was ok. I was not sure what I was hearing and did not yell back.Instead I got up to stumble and was greeted by a fishery guy checking the stream who again asked if I was ok. Proving to myself he was real I told him i felt ok.  He told me he heard the pop before he heard my scream followed by me hitting the ground. I limped over to a log to sit on and we chatted for a minute then he took off to finish his work. At this moment the awareness of my ankle hurting is upon me, but it is not overwhelming. I figure no problem I can walk this off.

Not like there are many alternatives other then walking out. I’m a mile down a dirt trail to the closet road, the parking lot I use was empty this morning, it’s raining a bit and I’ve only see the fish guy so far this morning.  In my head I’m telling my self it does not hurt that bad. I checked for colour changes and there is no bruising right away. I still have the full range of motion, and poking at bits of tendon and bone are not causing me to scream.

Off I go to slow limp the a mile of trail back to my car.  My ankle is does not seem to hurt too bad, but once I started limping I started to cry like a baby and was not able to stop for the remainder of the walk.  Here I am walking / limping back to my car calling myself a little sissy unable to stop crying thinking to myself ” I’m either in shock, endorphins are massively masking the pain, or I’m a cry baby” Seriously look at me in the below pictures, that is not my sneeze face that’s me with real tears.


Kev the cry baby

I stopped at one point of my limping walk journey to the car and laid down on the ground for a minute trying to pull myself together. No success there – I guess I better get back up and carry on. Only took me about 25 minutes or so to make the mile over 800 feet of elevation gain and loss back to the car; What a tearful journey. I was sniveling when I got in the car.

Car and shower

Made it back to the car and drove myself to work. My ankle was not killing me as much as I think it should be based on sound and inability to stop crying. Figured next stop should be work to let it sit for a bit and check it again before ER, if needed. I had ice in the car and Iced it on the way to the office. Limped from the car park to the showers at work and showered. After the shower I gave myself a good check out, poking around for pain, took some ibuprofen and carried on to my desk. Took some more ice from the locker room medical kit and iced my ankle for another hour at my desk writing this and trying to calm down.


It’s been about 6 hours now, I’ve run one more session of ice, and walked around the building a bit, and it does not feel bad. There is a bit of bruising on the inside of my ankle, and I feel a bit stiff. Realistically there is next to no swelling and I’m able to walk with only a slight limp. Not sure why I needed to be such a cry baby in the woods. Going to chalk that up as an interesting experience. Take the next 3-4 days off from running and check back in next Wednesday. – LUCKY

My Ankles have always popped loudly. As a teen my parents always told me they could tell when I was sneaking up to my room because they would hear my ankle crack and pop. It’s looking like the loud pop I heard was simply a louder version walking up the stairs to my room as a teenager.





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