Picking Penny

TLDR – We picked out a Pomeranian for Mila – She gets to come home the day after we return from the states + coindozer in Bray

Mila Needs a Pom

It’s been more than a year now Mila’s been asking to get a Pomeranian. She’s the reason we got the first dog. She wanted a dog. Sadly for us, Chief bonded with me and not Mila. He’s ended up being Dad’s dog more than he’s the kid’s dog. Mila has some OCD / Anxiety we’re hoping a small dog she can love, talk to, and take care of helps her with it. Plus 2kg animated floor mops are cute.

Michelle’s been randomly looking for poms and finally found one that might work. The breeder offered to keep the puppy for a few extra weeks to accommodate our summer travel plans. Meaning we can have the dog at the house for a few weeks with the kids out of school to give Mila and dog time to bond. I guess this might work out. We better meet the puppy and parents to make sure. The dog lives a bit past Portlaoise in Borris-in-Ossory. Saturday morning, we loaded up the van with the family and headed off on a 90-minute drive to meet a Pom.

Metting the dogs

The breeder has about 6 full-grown poms who loved the kids. We entered the house into the living room, separated from the kitchen filled with dogs by a fence. The breeder snagged the parents and let them loose on our kids. They crawled all over the kids getting belly rubs and love. Great sign, no barking and no hesitation snuggling with the kids. If the puppy is like this, we have won. After dog snuggles, we went upstairs to see the four tiny little puppies and met the dog we’re buying for Mila. – Walking around the house, it’s clean, does not smell of dog, you can see the breeder LOVES her dogs. All good signs. Her kennel is registered with Irish Kennel. Her Kelle name has Happy in it; a mega good sign. Once Mila picked up the white puppy, I was sold on getting her the dog.  We spent the next hour chatting and playing with the dogs before heading home.  – Deposit for the dog paid.

The dog who will be Penny

Headed home

On the way home, we had to stop at a Lidl to add some electrons into the van. We used our first 50kw supercharger. Filled the van from 40% to 80% in about 25 minutes for 9e while we shopped for snacks. We tailed-gated the snacks behind the car before heading home; car is still new don’t want too much mess don’t the seats yet. At home, we chilled for about 20 minutes before heading to Bray for a party Roxi was invited too. Bowling and laser tag for Roxi, coin dozer, and skeeball for the rest of us. – a brilliant day.

Snuggling on the drive home
Kid Gambling – Coin dozer


Bonus Pictures



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