Poor Audible Email admins

Starting today, Audible has this big letter on their home page announcing Channels are the coolest thing ever, they are awesome, you need to them. – near the bottom of the letter exists an email address channelsfeedback@audible.com

You are encouraged to email the address with feedback. I am annoyed channels is only an option on IOS or Android, and wanted to complain. I have a Kindle hard mounted in my car to read books to me. Amazon makes kindle, Amazon owns Audible, but my Kindle does not support channels yet; sad face Kev. Lack of kindle support seems odd to me. Reminds of the lack of love Microsoft gives to our own mobile device platform.

When I emailed audible to be the whinny spoiled narcissist I am, my email was rejected with an NDR. HOW DARE THEY reject me complaints. From the looks of the error, Address rejected, and the fact that I am getting it from Office 365 / EOP and from my test lab direct to the internet. Someone on the marketing team forgot to tell the email team to create a DL / mailbox to accept email; Bummer. To Audible’s credit they have a 24/7 chat line thing you can ping form the contact button. I pinged the chat peeps and explained the error to Sam. Sam used his super mind powers and understood my words; impressive. He provided feedback of my sad face to the back office team who owns email things.

I’ll have to complain tomorrow now. Thanks audible – and while I am at the audible site I spent 20$ on more books. Less than 200$ last month spent at audible. Huge improvement on my part trying to stick to budget.




Remote Server returned ‘<smtp-fw-2101.amazon.com #5.0.350 smtp;550 5.0.350 Remote server returned an error -> 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected.>’

Pretty letter

Baller setup in my car with kindle reader

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