Slack Line – 1

TLDR – Bought the kids a Slackline kit. Gave it to them over the weekend. Set it up today and we played for an hour or so.

Slack Line

Showed the kids a few videos of some people on slacklines a few months ago and they all agreed “that looks fun we want to try” Then I waited long enough for them to forget all about it and ordered a line set to try. Was planning on giving it to them for Xmas. Well we’re going to be in Spain for Xmas, and I have no patience and figured they would enjoy the toy before we leave  – so the kids ended up the slackline kit over the weekend weeks before Xmas.

A few days later mom needed the kids out of the house, it was not raining or blowing wind 20+ MPH; Slackline time. I took the kids around the corner and we setup the line between some trees. Along with the Baseline our kit also has a smaller hand-line for the kids to hold onto while they find their balance. The hand line was nice because the kids sure are wobbly the first few times out. Was great fun watching them practice – they love it.







Made a video of the kids learning

We’ll have to practice and work on some better moves for the next video.


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