Snow, Pancakes, and Cathedral

Randoms from January. I started writing a few different posts then look shiny object and never finished them. Figured I’d combine them all and make them shorter.

First snow of the year

Last night (A week ago now) it snowed in Dublin; Yeah snow. Was also windy as can be causing it to snow sideways. The Snow started while I was at work. Running home from work in the snow I had to close my eyes a few times because the side ways snow in the wind hurt. Looking for some running goggles for windy days. By morning the next day there was not much snow left on the ground. What was left was plenty slippery to make for great running turf on the route to work.

Running to work on the ice
Tiny snowman someone made on the LUAS stop bench

Mila Made some Pancakes

We’re working at having the kids cook meals. Starting off small and growing as they improve. Mila’s first night cooking was this month. She picked what to book by looking through her kids cookbook. After we told her no cakes she choose to make pancakes. I don’t think I’ve ever made pancakes from scratch. Pancakes have always been add water and maybe an egg to a mix. Not tonight we mixed it all from scratch following the directions in the book. Was fun to mix everything ourselves – pancakes turned out ok.

Mila and Khaleesi working on pancakes
First Pancake

Walk around City Center

Finally a saturday it was not too cold or wet out for a walk with the little ones. We hoped on the LUAS to the Harcourt station. Detrained and headed west to explore a new area. Karim, co-worker, and his family were coming for dinner sunday and they eat Halal style. Walking west we found a few Halal grocery stores. We browsed the isles and picked up some meat and other goodies. The kids were in prime cute mode or something because they scored a few times. We stopped at a Tesco express for pretzels and the lady behind the counter gave them all goddies. At the Halal shop the gentleman behind the counter gave them each a sucker.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
Mila doing some hard-core climbing

From there the Halal shop we walked north a bit towards city center looking for something near. We walked around a church, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. We didn’t go inside because it’s setup for pay tours and we’re cheap.  Next to the church we found a park for the kids to play in. We always stop at play areas and let the kids play. In the same park wechecked out a fountain, then carried on to explore a library a bit and an interesting grassy area in nearby with stone snakes in it. By now it’s starting to rain a bit. We walked past Dublin castle, down Grafton street to the LUAS and rode back home.

On the LUAS headed home suckers in mouths


More pictures from the month

Girls mixing
The great blizzard of 2018
Our boiler had a leak and needed to be replaced. Bonus points being a renter – not our dime
Looks like a wire spool end on springs – kids loved it
Roxi helping K over the wall
Fountain by the church
Maddex get off of the fountain
Grassy zone we walked by. The stone lines appear to have snakes heads on them
Added a second monitor to the home command center
Kids road art in front of the house




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