The Great Plague of 2018

About 10 days ago on a Sunday Khaleesi came down with a fever of 103 degrees in freedom(tm) units; yeah flu.  I say about 10 days ago because it’s been a rough week or two and most of it has blurred together. Khaleesi vomited a few times and laid on the couch in a daze with zero engergon for a few days. Monday I worked from home to help Michelle take care of the kids and watch them while she took the healthy kids to school – two weeks, a week later, who knows, today, Wednesday, my friday, I’ve not been back to work since. Before Khaleesi recovered Roxi came down with a fever, then Mila came down with a fever, finally Michelle started heating up to 102 fever by Thursday.

Millfam has been on the couch bed for the last few weeks

I took Maddex to school Thursday and Friday because moving was beyond Michelle by now. By Friday Khaleesi was recovered Mila and Roxi were feeling better. Michelle was weak, but her fever was mostly gone. Things were starting to get better. I actually packed up to go to work on sunday, and Maddex and I left the house to pickup some Nurofen cold medicine. Saturday night Maddex woke up in the middle of the night crying, came into our room and passed on the floor next to our bed. He now has a 103 fever and is vomiting a bit. No work for me sunday, Michelle is still beat and Maddex is a wreck. While Maddex is heating up everyone else in the house has moved on from a fever to a coughing and runny noses. By monday morning Maddex can’t talk and the house is filled with the sound of coughing kids.

Mila’s rats nest of a hair doo Monday morning after a weeke of living on the couch.

I’m heavily invested in taking meth and airborne trying to avoid a fever and cut back on the snot and cough. It’s been paying off because no fever for me. Fast forward to today and Roxi is back at a 103 fever. She’s caught it again or something? I don’t even know but she’s spent the entire day napping on the couch moving slowly needing to be held. Hope this is a one day thing vs the 3 days we’ve averaging for the rest of the family.

It’s been cute watching Michelle take the girls to school this week while I stayed home with the other ones and works. After depositing the kids at school and returning home, Michelle would immediately pass out on the couch for a few hours to recover from the exertion. I had a customer call yesterday and ended up doing a few hours of talking. By the end I was sipping water every few words and holding my throat in pain. I figuring I’d done some damage to the vocals. Magic happened overnight and today I’m still able to talk without pain.

Maybe it was not magic, maybe it was me saying F-it and trying to pill myself to sleep last night. By Tuesday night I’ve hardly slept for a week, been fighting sick, been trying to work, and trying to take care of everyone; I added a few pills to my no snot regiment and slept well last night.

Two of each, I felt much better, and had less snot last night before bed.
Roxi a bit blown out this morning. She sat on my lap the entire time mom was gone taking the girls to school

After our fifth episode of star gate today Maddex finally started to move and jump around the couch. By 5 he wanted a taco even if we did not have the part. I said ok lets take the scooters to the store and pick up what we need. Leaving the house it dawned on me, it’s been since saturday that I left the house. Wow, thats a long time. Upon mentioning this to Michelle she reminded that, no, Monday she was too weak to take the girls to school and I took them for her. Checking fitbit step counter it agrees with her. What a week – we’ve never been this sick for this long as a family.

This month marks a decade since Michelle and first found each other online. June some where wilbl e decade since we started hooking up. Hope I have it written down some where “Dear diary, I took this puyallup gal out to dinner lastnight, and ended up stayed the night at her place. She is pretty rad. She thinks I am a one night thing – little does she know

Khaleesi all recovered playing dress up
Another shot of the family trying to survive on the couch bed.

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