We Made It

Tuesday 13:00 hours GMT-7 our plan left SEA. Wednesday 15:30 hours GMT +1 Dublin local time we landed in DUB. In between those two airports we sat, got up, ate, sat some more, cleaned up vomit, watched some movies, and had a few adventures. Eventually we ended up in new home.

Getting to the Hotel the Night before

It all started Monday morning the day before we were set to fly out. The plan was to watch the movers pack our air ship box, sign manifest papers then visit with Michelle’s family before taking off to play in Seattle for the rest of the night. The Movers were set to arrive between 8-10. Turned out to be more like 11, and movers turned out to be only one guy; Hans the half German half Samoan from Hawaii.


We left our house much later than expected around 1 or so. Drove to Michelle’s parents and only had about an hour to hang out before we needed to deal with traffic to Seattle. Traffic to Seattle was not horrible, but once we were off I5 traffic fell apart. It took us 20 minutes to travel one block, turn right, then travel another block to our hotel. We missed the turn to our hotel and spent another 20 minutes driving back around the block.

By the time we made it to our room I was fried, and kids were starting to show signs of being tired and hungry. By now Wes was just arriving in the City from Crystal Mountain, and we needed to arrange for dinner. He parked at REI and we walked over there to meet, not wanting to be back in the car. Near REI, within walking distance, we choose to have dinner at Lunch Box Labs. Good shakes and great burgers. Then back to the hotel to crash.

Lunch box dinner


Getting to the Airport

We slept ok in the hotel. Like clock work we were all up early and headed to breakfast. While eating breakfast I randomly ran into Mr. Michael B Smith. Micheal is someone I know from my Exchange MVP days. Running into Michael reminded me of a time when he and I listened to Chris Scharff tell us about dating a deaf women where he dramatically demonstrate signs they would use during vigorous snuggling. – Always fun running into old friends.

Kids all packed up and ready to head out

After food the kids and I had a swim in the pool while Michelle repacked and sorted out our luggage.  We were out of the hotel before 9am and on the road to the airport. We returned the rental car then checked into our flight using the special service line. There was not a button in the automated Kiosk for 4 kids and 2 adults with one way tickets; we required special attention….


Eventually we loaded the plane amoung the first batch of travels with the passengers traveling accompanied by small children needing extra time. Seating and take off were  a breeze. Michelle, Mila and Khaleesi sat in the row in front of Me, Maddex, and Roxi. Roxi went right to sleep and Maddex worked out the TV, Movies, and Games in the seat back. The first few hours of the flight were fine. Untill Roxi woke up and squirming all over the place.

Maddex eating some food watching a movie

The real fun started when Maddex said he did not feel well and wanted to sit with mom. He was having a migraine head ache and did not catch it in time to be able to deal with it using drugs and caffeine. Maddex sat up with mom and promptly vomited all over the place filling a vomit bag. I tossed the bag in the bin in the washroom while Michelle cleaned up Maddex. Then a short While later he filled up another bag. In between both bags we tried to give him some meds and have him drink a coke for caffeine. Sadly he vomited up everything we gave him.

Millfam loaded on the plane


He was starting to feel sleepy and better so he moved back next to me and Michelle took Roxi. He was not better yet. He vomited some more destroying his shirt and filling up two more bags before he finally passed out. I washed his shirt in the washroom and hung it from the overhead bin to dry. Thanks to being able to blow my over head vent on his shirt he was able to put it back on in a few hours later.

Right before landing Roxi filled her diaper for the second time. First time I changed Roxi in the wash room using tissue paper. Second time Michelle changed her in the seat using napkins and plane pillow case. We forgot wipes some where in packing our plane bags; fun times.




Roxi vomited a small bit on the plane to Dublin then passed out. Other then Roxi’s small nap, and Maddex’s short nap between vomiting the kids stayed up the entire 10 hour flight to Paris. In Paris we had a 4 hour lay over thinking we’d explore the airport and wear the kids out a bit. In Seattle we gate checked our Dueter Kid carrier backpack like you would a stroller. We’ve done this a number of times.

In Paris our Backpack was not at the gate waiting for us. When asked where it was the gate stroller bringer upper guy just walked away mumbling something about being done. One of the Pilots tried to help us find the bag. Eventually a flight attendant told us the bag “must have” been transferred to Dublin already.

Being annoyed and Lacking a device to properly carry a baby along with our luggage we skipped exploring the airport and proceeded to our gate. We had to go through security again in Paris. Thankfully we avoided full passport customs checks. Sadly I had to load each laptop into a separate bin to be scanned; a bummer when you have like 9 laptops.

After running around the terminal playing hide and seek and what not we were eventually bused from the terminal to our plane, which was only an hour delayed. Flight was comfy and simple, until the super bumpy landing. We all passed out for most of the flight.

Finally some sleep on the way to DUB


Made it to Dublin

Luckily the kids all slept for a few hours on the flight. In Dublin we took our time deplaning then mozied to Passport Security, which was a breeze. By the time we made it to baggage claim the sign said last bag from our plane hand already been placed on the carousel. All of our bags were present minus the kid carrier; sad face. I filed a missing bag report. 72 hours later as I am almost done writing this no call back or answered call from baggage finders. Last night we said fuck it and bought a new kid carrier back pack in Dundrum.

First peak at Ireland

Michelle booked a bus from the airport to where we are staying. Turned it she booked us limo service and there was a gentleman waiting at the gate holding up a sign with my name on it. He hired a Eurovan taxi to drive us directly to the hotel. Which was great considering all of the luggage we had, our missing kid pack, lack of sleep, etc.

The gal at the apartment office was waiting for us, and helped carry things up to our apartment. We unpacked a bit, picked our rooms, called the parents on the Amazon Shows. Then had a short walk to the Dunnes market down the street to pick up some food to stock the fridge and make dinner with. First nights dinner with a take home bakeable pizza. kids were in bed by 8. Michelle and I sat on the couch trying to take it all in and write. We were both falling sleep at the keyboards.

We gave up and went to bed before 2100. – The journey here sure was an adventure; hopfully it’s but the first of many more to come.

Extra pictures

Roxi and her coone all loaded in the pack ready to go
Play land area with limited ventilation at Sea-Tac Airport
Snack time before boarding the plan to Paris
Bye Bye Peterson Grandparents
Peace out mom and dad
mmm Lunch Box
Mila eating lunch on the plane
Khaleesi with lunch watching a show
Being that family with all of the luggage for one night in a hotel

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