Last Day in Redmond

Today is my last official work day working for Microsoft US at the Redmond WA Microsoft campus. It’s an odd last day experience for me, because it’s not really my last day. Bullets are cool, I’ll let the bullets explain the odd.

  • Quitting? – Technically I am terminating employment with Microsoft US. Immediately after my termination I’ll be rehired by Microsoft Dublin.
  • Head Count Swap – My head count at Microsoft US is no longer for me, It’s available when I leave for anyone else to take. I end up taking a new headcount slot in Dublin Ireland.
  • Bye, kind of? – I’m saying good-bye the people I work with here in Redmond, giving hugs, crying like a baby, you know stuff like that -but- Once I land in Dublin and start work again I’ll still be on the same team working the same issues working with the same people, soooo, am I really leaving?
  • Gonna fire me? – I can’t forget there was no short timer talk at all. I never got to say ” well what are they going to do fire me?” then giggle. Because who fires a guy whose already put in his notice. I had to totally behave up untill the last hour. LAME

Odd day, with a pile of odd feelings. On the bright side, other than I am going to miss these people, it’s been a spectacualr day. Got to see my grandson, no traffic, killer run, amazing food, excellent day.

Started the day with Silas

Trenton is normally sleeping in the mornings during millfam breakfast time. This morning he was oddly up and awake and invited himself over for breakfast. After breakfast he vanished for a bit, and returned with his son, Silas. What a great start to the day. We all get to hang out with Trenton and our grandson.


No Traffic Drive

There are three sections of freeway on my commute to work under going major construction projects this summer. One section of i5 has been providing 2 mile+ backups all weekend long, every weekend, for the last few months due to lane closers. I am not sure what happened today, but there was zero traffic on the drive in. I budget like 110 minutes to drive to work on Saturdays. Today it took me 62 minutes to drive to work.

Normal Average speed on the way to work – not today

Running the Campus

Thanks to a high score awesome short commute I had about an extra hour of run time. I decided to take a full loop around campus, hit the last 2 buildings on my list, and say bye. 6 miles @ ~70 minutes with a quick explore of the Redmond woods buildings. Round one at Microsoft I lived in building 34, and hardly ventured elsewhere. This time around I set a goal to visit every building on campus. Today I crossed off the last building, and had a killer run saying good-bye to campus.

Totally readable notes on a campus map

Tree House Break in

The building 31 tree house has been under construction for months and months and months. Seems like forever it’s been fenced off preventing us from touring. Today, being my last day here on campus, Wes and I had to break into the construction zone and check it out. I have to say; Wow what a tree house. Where ever possible they used woodmizer cut cedar boards, everywhere else is glulams and treated lumber.

The smell of cedar is strong, the attention to details is impressive.

Up in the trees here with the treehouse in the background

Jesus Chicken

For lunch / dinner Mike and Wes went to Chick-Filet and brought back the mega platter of 200 nuggets with 2 buckets of sauce and bag of waffle fries. I am not sure how we managed it, but the seven of us ate all of the nuggets in next to no time at all Well math says that’s only 28 nuggets each, that’s like not over eating right?

mmmm chicken

Gave away my phone number

Wes has like 182,102 numbers on his T-mobile account. At this point numbers are nearly free for him. I want to keep my number and utilize T-mobile digits in Ireland. Wes offered to hold my numbers; 12 minutes on the phone later he owns my phone number untill I beg for it back.  – Thanks Wes, for holding onto my number for me – I’ll pay you back with a plane ticket to visit in December.

Packed up and left the building

At the end of the day I did the emotional final part of leaving. I packed up all of my stuff, said good-bye for now and walked out of neighborhood 3s for an unknown amount of time.

20170723_042214675_iOS (2).jpg
Last look at the door to the office #sad




A few more pictures

Tree house behind a little covered area
Small covered area
running selfie
Looking in from the door
Looking up at the skylight dome thing
Mike unwrapping the chicken goodness

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