A year of Running

I started writing this 11/5, it’s 11/19 and I’m working on it again –  It’s been a year since I took up running. Looking back at the year I’m pleased with the progress of my endurance and ultimately mostly overcoming unlimited shin pain, but I’m sad about some of the numbers.

Now some words and pictures and stuff

As of this morning I weigh the same I did one year ago, today – Le sigh -It’s annoying to Kev, the one number I want to change and decrease seems to be most difficult one for me to change. GRRRR.. Granted last month i was about 6 pounds lighter than now, so I had made the progress. A month ago I added more weights, then ate shitty for a few weeks, but still – running an hour a day 3-4 days a week should help the weigh decrease I’d think?

On the positive side. I’ve made some progress in other ways that are measurable and show great progress. Some of numbers that have changed:

  • Last year a run was 1 mile or less in 17 minutes. Today(5th) my run was 5 miles over 63 minutes in the mud with 2200 feet of vertical gain from start to finish; Some how I only lost 1900 feet – Science? Today(19th) I ran 6 miles in 69 minutes with less elevation, but sub 12 minute miles.
  • My resting heart rate is down from 68 bpm to 54 bpm over the course of the year according to Fitbit and Microsoft Band; nice of them to agree.
  • Michelle made a comment about my calves having nice shapes on a walk a bit ago. Shortly there after I noticed actual veins visible on my calves because they’re void of fat and have become hard with muscles now – so I have that going for me.
  • The big progress one that made me happy vs. the weight making me sad face is my body fat. My body fat is down about 4% over the year. While my weight might be the same It’s made up of more lean muscle then it was last year – which is progress.

Pretty sure that today (19th) I can officially say I’ve worn out my first pair of runners by actually running. Doing the math I’ve put about 520 miles on them since I started the running. Which I’m told is a good time to swap them out. I looked because the ball of my foot was hurting today. I took the in sole out of my shoe to look at it and it was mostly gone under the ball of my foot.

Pictures from my muddy run in the rain at coal creek on the fifth

The Mighty Kev warrior standing by a creek
I love running in the mud

Pictures from my mostly dry run in Bellevue Slough on the 19th

The park is filled with these nice wood board walks in the swap. I walk on them because they be super slippy right now
Crossing a bridge with Bellevue in the back ground
Another slippery wooden path
This house is under water – but still holding strong
Heading back under I90
Bum house under i90 – Dad asked about them, so I snapped a picture
BlueBerry fields in the middle of the Slough
Water things are cool – Water draining from the swamp into the river



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