The MillFam stated way back in 2008 on the internets. Michelle and Kevin met on, chatted for a few days; made up some crazy scenario where they would go to dinner, ditch the check, and ride off into the sunset on the back of a motorcycle. It was a few fun exchanges that didn’t lead anywhere. Kevin went to Australia for a few weeks for some nerd thing and they both ended up dating other people. After about six months, Kevin and Michelle randomly reconnected one night on Plenty of Kevin asked Michelle if she was still skipping out on checks and other random things they had joked about all those months ago.

This time, after about a week of emails and instant messaging; they did go out. Michelle remembers Kevin driving up to her apartment complex on his Beemer motorcycle. He then began changing in the parking lot out of his gear into normal clothes. Michelle texted him “Are you doing a wardrobe change in my parking lot?” Kevin thought she was pretty funny.

Michelle took Kevin down to the Ruston Way waterfront in Tacoma. They ate dinner, had a few laughs, and the rest is history.

Kevin and Michelle were married on July 16, 2011, in Las Vegas, NV. They have 3 wonderful children and one on the way. Kevin also has a grown son.

Over the past eight years we’ve moved a few times, taken on different jobs, lived in a fifth wheel for a year with three kids, spent a month in Central America with a one-year-old in a backpack, traveled all over, built a house with our own hands, and shared fun and memories and stuff. It’s been a fun journey that keeps on getting better – follow along and find out more.

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