Finding Treasures – 2018

After we moved to Ireland and started walking everywhere last year we started looking for treasures when out about. As the year has progressed the kids have become better and better at finding things. To the point, they are now finding things Michelle and I don’t notice. The goal is finding loose change, but we sometimes find other things. The best find of the year was a crisp 20euro bill I found one afternoon on the walk to school

Around October of last year, we started putting all of our treasures in a box to see what we could find in a year. With the start of the fiscal year, July 1, I figured we’d empty the box, divide up the loot and start collecting for the next year. Set a repeatable line in the sand we can do every year. We didn’t do perfectly this year and save everything in the bin. Not pictured are some soothers, paper cash, hats, shirts, necklaces, kids toys, and a few other odds and ends. Next year we’re going to try to be better and save all of it.

For stuff, we ended up with some Lego pieces, earrings, pendants, hair things, a badge holder, half a wrench, a flower in acrylic, some marbles, some keys and a few other random bits.

20180630_122121519_iOS (2).jpg

For the money, we ended up with about 20 euros, 1.18 us dollars, 5 pounds, and some other random currencies.

20180630_122359903_iOS (2).jpg

Spending the loot

The kids each ended up with a small pile of treasures and four Euros. Adding to the four euros, grandma Miller sent them each a card with 5 euros in them they opened yesterday.  Oh boy, kids with money to burn. They each have 9 euros to spend, so we walked to Smyths last night and let them buy toys.

Maddex has been into Jurassic Park and dinosaurs to point where he’s had issues sleeping out of fear, but he still wants more – cute kid confronting his fears maybe?  He bought himself a small dino with light up eyes.


The girls love babies or dolls, however, whatever, they call them depending on the play. They each picked up a new doll. They all bought the same doll with a different coloured outfit each. On the walk home all of the dolls went naked, and one of them had to have a leg put back on – they love their new toys.


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