Howth with Peterson’s

For our last adventure before team Peterson boards an Icelandic air flight home tomorrow we are headed to Howth to hang out on the beach for the day. We were Out the door on the train a bit after 10:00 to Howth. We took the LUAS to Westmoreland, walked a bit to Tara DART station where we took the DART to the end at Howth. Our last trip to Howth was in September of last year shortly after arrival. It was one of our first trips around Ireland.

Kids on the LUAS headed for the Dart
Proof Michelle and her brother did something together – on the Dart

First stop at Howth was the public toilets on the other side of the harbor a bit past the kids play area. After draining all of our bladders we walked out the east pier. It was super windy on top of the pier. We had to keep the from the edge afraid they might blow over into the water. Wearing a backpack acting as a sail I was walking with my back turned to the side from the wind – wow it was windy. Great walk out.

Brian and Andrada looking out at Ireland’s Eye


kids hiding from the windAfter the pier we split up and found some food then meet back at the kids play area while we waited for the tide to go out; we showed up at high tide and most of the beach was underwater. The kids had fun playing while we sat in the shade eating our sandwiches. From the play area we slow walked back to the Dart station where the beach access is and hung out on the beach for a few hours watching the kids play and tide go out.

Eating some Ice cream after lunch


Kids on the beachAfter the beach we headed back home for dinner from the chipper and Peterson packing.

Modern adults socializing with their phones at the dinner table

The rest of the pictures

Kids on the DART jumping around
Our first realization we arrived at high tide
Andrada on the pier
The cliff walk is that way
Brian in the sun next to our shade – no shade for you
Light house at the end of the pier
Iphone Portrait mode
wading in the water – which was oddly warm
walking down the beach
Some cool locally made cutting boards
Maddex in his happy place – the sand and dirt digging a hole

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