Beach break – During Covid

TLDR –  Thursday we broke out of the house and walked to the beach. had loads of fun then came home with wee little sunburns and a bag of rocks

Walking to Shankill beach

Thursday adventure day this week the Millfam went to the beach near Shankill. In my head it was a long walk to the beach. In real life, from Cherrywood LUAS stop, it’s about 3km and took us 45 minutes; Not a long walk at all. With the lockdown the traffic next to the N11 was quiet enough we managed to have some conversations with the kids. Normally next to a 2 lane motorway the noise would be loud enough talking was not an option. Thanks for something Covid.

Maddex and Mila walking on a wall next to a creek
To the Left is the DART track. Walking next to it looking for a place to cross

Last time walking the beach our route was longer. We were in exploring mode walking down a trail next to a creek through a field on some more trails. Today’s route was the most direct we able to workout on the map. Making it about 45 minutes of walk time from Cheerywood Luas. Near the end of the walk, we can see the beach on the other side of the DART track but it’s all fenced off. Forcing us to walk a few blocks to a train track crossing section. From there the beach is fenced off due to the high eroding cliff. Forcing us to walk back towards where we wanted to cross, almost to the sewage plant before there was a break in the fence and a safe path to the beach.

Path to the low enough bank we get to the beach

Beach time

Michelle took the cliff path to the beach. Once the kid’s feet hit the rocks the fun started. “where is mom” I asked. The kids were confused, started yelling for her, and running around like crazed kids. Then they saw her. How did she get on the beach before us?  Maddex knew what she did straight away and explained it. We met up with mom and walked down the beach a bit before finding a nice spot to sit and play –

  • Roxi says ” where is the sand I want some sand” We point and tell her it’s over there.
  • Maddex says ” Can I go swimming”
  • Mila Says ” Can I climb up that cliff
  • Khaleesi says “Can I go play in the water with Maddex

The answer to all of their questions was Yes. Wining!  the kids are happily playing, enjoying the sun. Mom and dad found a nice rock to sit down on and relax in the sun.

We made it to a great spot to sit, relax, and play in the water.
Maddex excited to play in the water and tide flats




Mila Managed to climb up there somehow
Cleaning things off, or mixing sand – not 100% sure – either way they had a good time

After a few hours playing it was time to start the trek home. We continued south down the beach towards some stairs up to the street. Along the way, there was a section of large stones set up as a breakwater to prevent erosion. The kids don’t care about erosion but they sure were excited about some Parkour rocks! As as soon as they saw the rocks they all ran at them to jump from rock to rock yelling Parkour.

Looking adorable on a rock
Dad take a picture of me on this Monster rock
Parkour rock run

On the walk home the kids played in the grassy field while I went into a Centra for Snacks. Pringles, apple juice, Doritos and some chocolate. The guy behind the counter asked if I needed a paper bag for everything. I told him “no thanks I have four kids outside waiting this food will be gone in minutes” He gave me a chuckle.

Bonus genius

Last night at tuck in I told all of the kids the plans to go the beach. Khaleesi showed some genius thinking. At the end of the tuck-in, she asked to sleep downstairs on the couch with mom and dad, like she always does. I told her tomorrow (The night after our beach day)  Kahleesi responded to my no with epic forethought and logic “No dad that will not work. We are going on a long walk tomorrow and I know I will be too tired to sneak down” – super impressed she was able to think that far ahead. She has dominated the marshmallow game and will do well in life.

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