Lice + Busted foot + Fevers

TLDR – We had a rough week, Maddex cracked a bone in his foot, Khaleesi and Roxi had Lice, all of the kids had fevers, and stayed home from school. Roxi’s class had covid so we had a bunch of Covid tests; Great memories.

Sad foot

Sometime about five days prior to going to the hospital Maddex was running around with his mate Cullen and Landed sideways on his foot. He complained of his foot hurting for a few days afterward. A few days after his injury he was using Mila’s crutches from her Knee injury a few weeks earlier to move around. Checking his foot on a Sunday we noticed a bruise not only at the impact area on the side of his foot but also around his tows indicating some internal bleeding which normally comes from bone damage. We made the choice to take him into VHI Monday morning for an x-ray.

The X-ray did not show any obvious break but the pain and blood indicated some issues internally. The doctor gave Maddex a boot and crutches to immobilize the foot and we are due back to the doctors in 2 weeks’ time to check on the foot. While Maddex is in the boot he cannot ride his bike or walk to school. I’ve been taking him to school in the cargo bike dropping him at the front door.

Bruise and swelling on the side of his foot he impacted – somewhere in there a bone is cracked
Headed home from VHI with the boot, crutches, and ice cream.

Lice and Fevers and Covid Tests oh my

The same day we were making the call to take Maddex to VHI we looked deeper into Khaleesi complaining about an Itchy head and noticed her scalp was covered with lice. Michelle tore down all of the beds in the house Khaleesi had slept in, took the covers off of the couch, and started washing everything. We bought some Lice shampoo and combs and started Nitpicking her hair.  Michelle checked the other kids and noticed some Lice in Roxi’s hair too; oh joy. Days of washing with lice shampoo and using Lice combs later the lice seem to be gone. – update from a few weeks later – Michelle found some Lice in her hair that lice shampoo seems to have dealt with. No more lice for the kids

Washing all of the sheets in the house

While we were dealing with Lice and Maddex on crutches Khaleesi stayed home from school with a high fever and cough. The next day we received a message from the school noting Roxi’s class has Covid and Roxi needs to be tested for Covid. By now all of the kids have a fever and we’re booking covid tests. Wes and I bought at-home tests and raped our own noses to be sure. Home tests came back negative. Pro tests also came back negative – no Covid here.

Roxi had the first pro-test about 10k away at a walk-up testing center. I took all three girls there in the bike hoping to get everyone tests. Turns out the testing center is not walk up anymore and they would only test Roxi. At this point in covid life, Roxi was the last kid in the family who’d not had a covid test. She did not enjoy the nasal swab, but she did stand still and let it happen. On the way home we of course we stopped for slushies.

Michelle booked Khaleesi a test about 1k from the house in Sandyford the next day just to be sure – All of the fevers, tests, and days off school and no covid.  We lucked out this time. Sadly I have a feeling this will not be the last time for the school year we fear we have covid in the house.

Slushies after Covid tests
Sick kids on the couch bed

Bonus Pictures

Super Maddex leaving the VHI
Loaded up for school, not very excited to be in the bike. luckily he’s learned to enjoy it
Waiting for an X-ray
Blood pooling at the toes
Foot X-ray can’t see much damage
Picking up Sushi after her covid test. We left the sword in the bike for the testing but took it into the sushi shop.


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