Book Diary

New year, new list; moved the 2016 list over here.

January 2017

  1. Swarm – By BV Larson – book 1
  2. Rebellion – By BV Larson – Book 3 of his star fleet series. I’m pretty much in love with anything BV writes and will keep on reading his stuff
  3. Blood Rites – Another Dresden book down like 40 more to go. Started watching the TV show this week. They changed so many things it’s odd but I’ll finish it.
  4. A Full Life – Biography of Jimmy Carter written and read Jimmy. I knew he did some things but had no clue how much. Thinking about his child hood from 90 years ago was interesting. He favorite toy, a steel run from a wheel.
  5. Wishful drinking Short Carrie Fisher Biography.
  6. Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman
  7. Buffering- Hannah Hart. Having three daughters; I love me books about successful women and how they grew up. Plus I’ve always enjoyed Watching Hannah on youtube, and it was nice to hear her story
  8. Good Clean Fun – Nick Offerman book about working with wood. Nick is amazing
  9. On the imperium Secret Service – Christopher Nuttall. Good book about a secret agent in space. I did not jump onto the next book, but I’ll keep on my list of go there some day.
  10. Alibaba’s World – Porter Erisman. Learned all kinds of facts about Alibaba the chinese company. great read.
  11. 36 books that Changed the World – So many great stories about great books
  12. Dread Beat- Jim Butcher. Another great Dresden book. Such great books
  13. I did not give spider superhuman intelligence – Not as good as the rest but still a good book in the don’t tell my parents I’m a super hero books
  14. Dragons of Autumn Twilight – first book in dragonlance series. Loved these as a kid, not feeling them as much now. sad face.
  15. The Science of Energy – Great courses about energy. Might need read this one again there was so much to learn
  16. Packing for Mars – Mary Roach. Amazing book about what it takes to live in space. Nasa has done research into some crazy things to live in zero G.


  1. Algorithms to live by – Applying math to real life makes me happy all over
  2. Rebel Fleet – BV Larson. I’ve not read anything by BV I don’t enjoy.
  3. The Perlwars: Skyship Academy – it was ok, Meh.
  4. The Host – Stephenie Meyer – Book was good. Playing the movie back in my head I was shocked how well the movie did the book. Need to watch the movie again to confirm I would be impressed.
  5. History decoded Is there still gold in Fort Knocks? I want to know now. Conspiracy book, was fun
  6. The Hike – Drew Magary – WOW this was like an acid trip. Started off a business guy in a hotel walking a path behind the hotel. Then we are a crab, and killing midget’s and hover craft, then we cut our selves in half. I was entertained I guess.
  7. Proven Guilty – More Dresden. love these
  8. Jurrasic Park – Michael Crichton – Loved it! need to watch the movie, but not when Maddex is around. He saw a preview and has not been able to sleep for a week.
  9. White Night – Dresden
  10. The Bone Triangle – BV Larson – Reminded me of Dresden. Loved it
  11. Extinction – BV Larson – another good one
  12. Succubus Blues – had a hard time getting into it.
  13. The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire – Molly Harper – Meh..
  14. The Intelligent Investor – Ben Graham – Awesome book.
  15. The Atlantis Ship – AC Hadfield- fun space adventure. I’ll pick up the rest


  1. The  Space Ship Next door – This is fun. Small town girl meets space ship
  2. Small Favor- More Dresden. Can’t seem to get enough of this guy
  3. Time Salvager – Wesley Chu – I tried. The book was good, but how it dealt with time travel bugged me.
  4. Nerve – Jeanne Ryan – Watched the movie first. Both follow the same core story, both take it in different directions, and both were great stories.
  5. The Collapsing Empire- John Scalzi – Amazing book but it was too short and left off with a cliff hanger. I feel like it needed another 120 pages.
  6. Turn Coat – I sure are into Dresden. might cry a bit when I catch up.
  7. The School of Greatness- Lewis Howes – I listen to Lewis’s youtube interviews when I write and enjoy them. The book is a great extension of those. Enjoyed it.
  8. Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman – Stringing a guy up with the entrails of his children then dipping acid on him for all of time. Kick ass book!! Wish it would have been longer
  9. Alone- Girl in the Box 1 – by Robert J Crane – Books are not horrible, Books are not great. My wife is reading them so I am reading them.
  10. Untouched – Girl in the Box 2
  11. Soulless – Girl in the box 3 – I had to stop here because guns were horrible and science was off and too many things were not right.
  12. Family Girl in the box 4 – Picked it back up. Still meh.
  13. Interview with a Vampire – Anne Rice – she sure knows how to Vampire.
  14. Secrets of Self Control – Great courses- Learned a pile as usual
  15. Illuminae – Jay Kristoff – Meh. not sure I loved it
  16. Naked Statistics – books about numbers are fun
  17. Flight – Had a rough time enjoying this one.

Wow I slacked off here – April and May and now June. I’ll do my best to list things out. May was a vacation month spent building things. No car time, and pretty much passed out at the end of the day so it’s a lite month.


  1. Anasi Boys- Neil Gaiman – Neil works with gods and legends of old like few others. fun read
  2. Skin Game – Jim Butcher – Sadly I’m finally caught up and have to wait for Jim to write the next one. I miss Harry already
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Read with the kids.
  4. The Vegas Diaries: Romance, Rolling the Dice.. Holly Madison – Holly is fun to read about. she has an interesting life and view on herself
  5. The lost art of Listening – its good to be reminded to listen to people wait to tell them things
  6. The Triumph of Seeds – Thor Hanson. Seeds are this guys obsession. I enjoy reading intelligent people talk about their obsessions.
  7. Unshakable: your financial freedom – Tony Robbins. Shorter version of his book about saving from last year. Good.
  8. Cold Days – Jim Butcher – getting close to being caught up with Harry. The books keep getting better
  9. Ghost Story – Jim Butcher
  10. Changes – Jim Butcher


  1. Spaceman: An Astronauts unlikely Journey to unlock the Secrets of the universe – Mike Massimino. Great read about NASA and astronauts and mike.
  2. When the Air hits your Brain: Tales from Neurosurgery – Great book medical book looking into the life of a doctor.
  3. Fight and Fight: Magic 2.0 book 4- Scott Meyer – I did not love it as much as the rest, but I still enjoyed it. Fun read.
  4. Yes Please – Amy Poehler – Yes please write a another one, because this one was good
  5. Harry Potter and the Goblet on Fire – read with the kids, Harry potter Amazing


  1. Funny in Farsi – Firoozeh Dumas – super interesting book about a gal moving here from Iran in the 70s. Loved it.
  2. Columbus Day: Expeditionary Force book 1 – Craig Alanson. Jer Jer said read this book. Started out slow but once Skippy showed up the book became awesome. There days into the month and I’ve finished the first, and second books and have started the third
  3. SpecOps: Expeditionary Force book 2  -Craig Alanson. As awesome as the first. Finished 16 hours after starting and managed to sleep some and build a roof in the middle.
  4. Paradise: Expeditionary Force Book 3 – Craig Alanson- I demand book 4
  5. The Rise and fall of DODO – Neal Stephenson – Time travel books are difficult for me. they never seem follow the rules I think time travel should follow. But I finished it.
  6. The Shining – Stephen King – Awesome book. Awesome movie
  7. Field of Dishonor: Honor Harrington – David Weber Another great Honor books
  8. Flag in Exile: Honor Harrington – David Weber – guess what? I loved it
  9. The millionaire Mind – Thomas J Stanley – This might be my fourth time?
  10. Change Agent – Daneil Suarz – Loved it. I’ve written parts of this book before as short stories. extremely realistic genetic engineering and future science .


  1. The Lost Voyager – AC Hadfield / Meh not nearly as good as the first one.
  2. Honor Among Enimeis – Honor Harrington – as brilliant as the rest.
  3. Rogue World:Undying Mercenaries – BV Larson – every book is better then the next. I like following our hero as he rises in the ranks
  4. The Millionaire Mind – Thomas J Stanley – I try to read one of Stanleys books every year. They speak to me differently every time
  5. Cursed: Alex Verus – Benedict Jacka – No Dresden but still good
  6. We are Legion We are bob – bobiverse Book 1
  7. For we are the many : bobiverse book 2 – Can’t wait for book three to come out. 2 days and I read both books one and two. then I was sad when there were no more to read
  8. Fated: Alex Verus – Benedict Jacka – another good one.
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